Crafton Tull has been contracted by the Northwest Arkasns Regional Planning Commission to conduct a karst resource conservation study of the Cave Springs Area.   To complete the various elements of the study, Crafton Tull (CTA) has partnered with Ozark Underground Laboratory (OUL) and Wright Water Engineers (WWE).

Crafton Tull has been in business in Rogers for over 50 years and has extensive knowledge of Northwest Arkansas due to our involvement in numerous projects in and around the area.  Crafton Tull has worked with local, county, and state officials, developers, and engineers to understand all sides of environmental and development issues.

Ozark Unground Lab, located in Southwest Missouri since 1973, is a hydrogeological consulting and contract studies firm specializing in karst groundwater studies.  The staff at the OUL are very familiar with the area having performed three studies of the area in 1978, 1979, and 2001.

Wright Water Engineers, of Denver, Colorado, has worked on numerous city drainage manuals, reports, Best Management Practice (BMP) recommendations, and scientific studies in this area since 1991.  Crafton Tull has worked with Wright Water on many assignments dating back to 1990–91.

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