Various government agencies regulate the properties within the Cave Springs Area Karst Resource Conservation Study.  Below is a list of city documents pertinent to the study.

Cave Springs:

Cave Springs Subdivision Ordinance, dated January 2010 (1,084 KB)

Cave Springs General Requirements (2,854 KB)

Cave Springs Specs to STEP Systems (7,032 KB)


Rogers 2015 Drainage Manual (14,482 KB)

Rogers Ordinance Adopting CSK Regulations (2,640 KB)

Rogers Water Service Boundary (246 KB)

RWU Standard Sewer Details 1 (969 KB)

RWU Standard Water Details 1 (1,145 KB)

RWU Standard Water Details 2 (350 KB)

Rogers 2012 Drainage Manual (11,306 KB)


Lowell 2016 Drainage Manual (11,866 KB)

Lowell Ordinance Adopting CSK Regulations (6,357 KB)

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Ordinance (1,474 KB)

Zoning Land Development Code (339 KB)


Springdale 2018 Drainage Manual (3,082 KB)

SWU Standard Details (2,699 KB)

Springdale Water Service Boundary (101 KB)

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