The DRAFT Outer Buffer Width Determination Chart (328 KB) is an example of how the outer buffer width from the centerline of a losing stream channel could be determined.

There is a maximum outer buffer width both sides of centerline of channel and a minimum inner buffer width both sides of centerline of channel.  The outer buffer width can be adjusted based on certain criteria being met.  Losing streams are shown on Exhibit L – Cave Springs Direct Recharge Area Vulnerability Zone Map (1,017 KB).

Note:  Buffers apply to losing stream and other sensitive features that directly recharge the Cave Springs aquifer.  Most losing streams are included in Zone 1; however, there may be losing stream segments and other sensitive features in Zones 2 and 3.  Determination of reductions to outer buffer zone should be based on the section(s) of land that are directly affected by the considered reduction(s), rather than applied to the entire area of development.  One or more of the reduction considerations can be applied to different areas of the development.  Each side of the channel should be considered separately.



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